This is the third post of a series of four from the book of Esther. In the court of the king’s palace garden were couches of gold and silver on a mosaic pavement of porphyry, marble, mother-of-pearl, and precious stones. Esther 1:6 A mosaic is a beautiful piece of art constructed from fragments of broken […]

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Detectives for the Divine

This is the second post of a series of four from the book of Esther. Everyday I receive a Bible verse by text from a friend whose ministry Hope for Hurting Parents encourages parents who have children struggling with addictions. Often, her verse of the day is just what I need that very day to […]

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You can be a Mordecai

This is the first post of a series of four from the book of Esther. “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this.”  Esther 4:14 These are the words of Mordecai, the cousin of the beautiful Queen Esther, who raised her, advised her, and worried […]

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God is Good and Can be Trusted

I have to be honest… I am a doubter. Some people have faith and it appears that nothing seems to shake their faith. But for me, disappointments in life can really mess with my relationship with God. I have some dear friends battling cancer, some grieving over lost loved ones, many longing to get married […]

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Our YES must be bigger than our NO

My daughter is getting married! She moved home to live with us until the big day. What a pleasure to help her plan her wedding! And what a project to incorporate into my already busy schedule! But for me, helping my daughter plan her wedding is a Big YES! I would not want to miss […]

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joseph angel

What is God calling you to?

In yesterday’s sermon, one of our pastors gave a fresh perspective on Joseph. When Joseph heard the news that Mary was pregnant, he wrestled to know what he should do and resolved to divorce her quietly. But, then God spoke to him through an angel. Joseph heard God’s voice, obeyed, took Mary as his wife […]

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The Verdict

The verdict is in! The gavel came down. The court is adjourned! A conclusion has been drawn by God Himself, that you are no longer under condemnation, performance or judgment of any kind. You are free! You are loved, accepted and approved of not because of who you are or anything you have done, but […]

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Vision for Your Women’s Ministry

In my last post, The Power of Vision, I shared about the motivation for action that a clear vision will bring to your life, ministry, family, neighborhood, and workplace. In today’s post, I’d like to share the vision of CrossPointe Women, the women’s ministry at my church where I serve on the Leadership Team. Four […]

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Vision 2

The Power of Vision

Vision noun vi·sion \ˈvi-zhən\ ability to see: sight or eyesight something that you imagine: a picture that you see in your mind When I think of vision, I think of being able to see and even more so, being able to see clearly. We all want to have 20/20 vision. If we don’t, we either […]

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2015-03-02 17.21.05

One Simple Change

I am embarrassed to say that up until recently, I drank very little water. It took someone telling me that my skin looked dehydrated to motivate me to drink the stuff. You see… I really don’t want to become a wrinkly old lady! I’ve always known that there are many health benefits to drinking water, […]

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steps 2

Discipleship: Her Next Steps

She is teachable, hungry for spiritual growth, wanting to learn, desiring to serve and ready to take her next steps. How can you help her? What are her next steps? Whether your working with women who are taking their first steps in their spiritual growth or with women who have been walking with God for […]

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Rick Terri 30th anniversary

30 Years Down, 30 to Go!

“I don’t want to have a good marriage, I want to have a great marriage!” declared a naïve, love-stricken, but determined 19 year-old young woman. That young woman was me! Today marks our 30th year of marriage, and I can honestly say that I have a GREAT marriage. As I write, I think of all […]

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pitcher 5

How full is your pitcher?

You are a pitcher, pouring out fresh, clear, life-giving water all day long. You counsel, you mentor, you lead, you serve, you teach, you CARE! This past week, two women, on separate occasions, expressed how empty they felt. Women who choose to serve in ministry, either as a full-time profession or in addition to an […]

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old and young

Old and Young Together

“This was my favorite women’s event, yet!” exclaimed a 35 year-old woman with 4 children. She was not the only woman who expressed such enthusiasm about the morning. Picture this: A talk on the topic: Discerning God’s Will for our Relationships A panel of 7 women representing every season of a woman’s life (student, young professional, […]

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Bright air balloons

Commissioned at 50

It’s official! I am now an older, wiser woman! Whenever I teach on the Titus 2 passage that “older women should teach the younger women,” I whimsically tell teenagers and 20-somethings that they are “old.” There is always a woman that is younger in age or younger spiritually than them. And there is so much […]

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