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The Art of Listening

If you want to read about listening techniques in this blog, then read no further… We tend to think that listening techniques will help us to become better listeners. But quite honestly, the art of listening comes from within. Our ability to listen is more connected to our hearts than perfecting any skills. To become a […]

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Curiosity Opens Doors

Spilled milk never made my child cry. When my son was 4 years old, he spilled his milk and proceeded to gently blow the milk across the table while he watched it form amazing patterns. Children are naturally curious. A good friend of mine is naturally curious. She seems to have maintained the curiosity of […]

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silence 1

Silence is Golden

We have all felt it. The awkward silence. The uncomfortable long pause in a conversation. Some of us can bear it, but most of us blurt something out to fill the void… only to miss an opportunity. What was on her mind? What was she thinking, feeling? What was going on inside of her? She […]

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