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God is Good and Can be Trusted

I have to be honest… I am a doubter. Some people have faith and it appears that nothing seems to shake their faith. But for me, disappointments in life can really mess with my relationship with God. I have some dear friends battling cancer, some grieving over lost loved ones, many longing to get married […]

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One Simple Change

I am embarrassed to say that up until recently, I drank very little water. It took someone telling me that my skin looked dehydrated to motivate me to drink the stuff. You see… I really don’t want to become a wrinkly old lady! I’ve always known that there are many health benefits to drinking water, […]

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Here We Go Again

Last summer we moved! With the move came the enormous task of painting and cleaning a house that needed a large dose of Tender Loving Care before we could live in it. Now, just 10 months later, we find ourselves with the same assignment, another move to a house that needs just as much TLC! […]

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Do you have a Sacred Companion?

I love the picture of swans. They literally journey with each other through life. They mate for life and they go on seasonal migratory journeys together! We each have individual spiritual journeys, but we cannot journey alone. God designed us to journey with each other, to provide safety and care for each other’s souls. Do […]

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Virtues from the Pain

Recently, I have encountered a painful situation that I have come to realize is out of my control.  I can’t change it. Yet, it is changing me. I am finding virtues being produced in me from the pain. I am becoming more courageous, more sure of what I believe, more compassionate, more forgiving, more humble, […]

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