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joseph angel

What is God calling you to?

In yesterday’s sermon, one of our pastors gave a fresh perspective on Joseph. When Joseph heard the news that Mary was pregnant, he wrestled to know what he should do and resolved to divorce her quietly. But, then God spoke to him through an angel. Joseph heard God’s voice, obeyed, took Mary as his wife […]

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Bright air balloons

Commissioned at 50

It’s official! I am now an older, wiser woman! Whenever I teach on the Titus 2 passage that “older women should teach the younger women,” I whimsically tell teenagers and 20-somethings that they are “old.” There is always a woman that is younger in age or younger spiritually than them. And there is so much […]

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Yes or No

What Should You Do?

So many great things to do, so many needs, so many opportunities! How do you decide what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to? Having a vision for your life and ministry provides the framework for what to do. In my blog post Close your Eyes to See, I emphasize and give […]

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Close Your Eyes to See

When I really want to see something, really see something… I close my eyes. I love this quote: “Sight is seeing with the eyes; vision is seeing with the mind.” – Orrin Woodward What is your vision for your work, your ministry, your family, your health, your marriage, your children, and even your home? Clear […]

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surrender 2

I Surrender

I peered out the window as our plane took off leaving Nairobi behind and the treasured experiences of my first mission trip. At just 18 years old, God had captured my heart for taking the gospel to the world and in my journal, I wrote these words to Him… Lord, I will go anywhere in […]

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