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How full is your pitcher?

You are a pitcher, pouring out fresh, clear, life-giving water all day long. You counsel, you mentor, you lead, you serve, you teach, you CARE! This past week, two women, on separate occasions, expressed how empty they felt. Women who choose to serve in ministry, either as a full-time profession or in addition to an […]

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Take time to refresh

I am doing something today that is absolutely refreshing to my mind and soul. Do I have something else that I should be doing? Yes! There is ALWAYS something that I should be doing. And for me, it is an intentional choice to do something that is refreshing for me instead of what needs to be […]

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margins 1

And Then A New Page Begins

Knowing that I was leaving the next day on an international trip, a friend of mine encouraged me with these wise words: “Remember to add margin to your days as you travel and do ministry.” After many long days of faith stretching ministry experiences and an over-abundance of time with people, I am very glad […]

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When do you stop? There is always something to do, something worthy of your time. Another Bible Study to lead, another meeting to attend, another woman to encourage, another event to organize… Oh and not to mention, another meal to prepare, another child to help with homework, another load of laundry to fold and so […]

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