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Vision 2

The Power of Vision

Vision noun vi·sion \ˈvi-zhən\ ability to see: sight or eyesight something that you imagine: a picture that you see in your mind When I think of vision, I think of being able to see and even more so, being able to see clearly. We all want to have 20/20 vision. If we don’t, we either […]

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Rick Terri 30th anniversary

30 Years Down, 30 to Go!

“I don’t want to have a good marriage, I want to have a great marriage!” declared a naïve, love-stricken, but determined 19 year-old young woman. That young woman was me! Today marks our 30th year of marriage, and I can honestly say that I have a GREAT marriage. As I write, I think of all […]

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pitcher 5

How full is your pitcher?

You are a pitcher, pouring out fresh, clear, life-giving water all day long. You counsel, you mentor, you lead, you serve, you teach, you CARE! This past week, two women, on separate occasions, expressed how empty they felt. Women who choose to serve in ministry, either as a full-time profession or in addition to an […]

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old and young

Old and Young Together

“This was my favorite women’s event, yet!” exclaimed a 35 year-old woman with 4 children. She was not the only woman who expressed such enthusiasm about the morning. Picture this: A talk on the topic: Discerning God’s Will for our Relationships A panel of 7 women representing every season of a woman’s life (student, young professional, […]

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Bright air balloons

Commissioned at 50

It’s official! I am now an older, wiser woman! Whenever I teach on the Titus 2 passage that “older women should teach the younger women,” I whimsically tell teenagers and 20-somethings that they are “old.” There is always a woman that is younger in age or younger spiritually than them. And there is so much […]

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Polish Christmas Tea

Connecting with the lost

As we sat sipping cappuccinos in a quaint café in Moscow, I was inspired by her story. Sveta, a mother of five, shared with me how she uses her talents to connect with the lost. Two years ago when she moved into a new apartment, Sveta was motivated to reach out to her new neighbors […]

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Listening ear heart

The Art of Listening

If you want to read about listening techniques in this blog, then read no further… We tend to think that listening techniques will help us to become better listeners. But quite honestly, the art of listening comes from within. Our ability to listen is more connected to our hearts than perfecting any skills. To become a […]

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A Worthy Investment

Who are the women whom God has placed in your life? How can you nurture their spiritual growth? Perhaps you are leading a women’s ministry, a community group, or a Bible Study, or… you may simply have a few women whom God has strategically placed in your life. These women are on a journey of spiritual […]

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refreshing 1

Take time to refresh

I am doing something today that is absolutely refreshing to my mind and soul. Do I have something else that I should be doing? Yes! There is ALWAYS something that I should be doing. And for me, it is an intentional choice to do something that is refreshing for me instead of what needs to be […]

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ant 2

Just remember that ant

Do you remember the ant that moved a rubber tree plant? Check out the classic song. Everyone thought he couldn’t do it because he was so little. But, he had high hopes. So much of life is a matter of perspective. We look at the task, we look at ourselves and we determine that it […]

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Be Prepared

pre·pare [pri-pair] verb (used without object) to put things or oneself in readiness; get ready: to prepare for war. It’s the beginning of August. For many, this is the last chance for a vacation! And soon following, the summer will come to a close, school will begin and the new ministry season will be upon us. […]

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