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This is the third post of a series of four from the book of Esther. In the court of the king’s palace garden were couches of gold and silver on a mosaic pavement of porphyry, marble, mother-of-pearl, and precious stones. Esther 1:6 A mosaic is a beautiful piece of art constructed from fragments of broken […]

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Detectives for the Divine

This is the second post of a series of four from the book of Esther. Everyday I receive a Bible verse by text from a friend whose ministry Hope for Hurting Parents encourages parents who have children struggling with addictions. Often, her verse of the day is just what I need that very day to […]

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joseph angel

What is God calling you to?

In yesterday’s sermon, one of our pastors gave a fresh perspective on Joseph. When Joseph heard the news that Mary was pregnant, he wrestled to know what he should do and resolved to divorce her quietly. But, then God spoke to him through an angel. Joseph heard God’s voice, obeyed, took Mary as his wife […]

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The Verdict

The verdict is in! The gavel came down. The court is adjourned! A conclusion has been drawn by God Himself, that you are no longer under condemnation, performance or judgment of any kind. You are free! You are loved, accepted and approved of not because of who you are or anything you have done, but […]

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ant 2

Just remember that ant

Do you remember the ant that moved a rubber tree plant? Check out the classic song. Everyone thought he couldn’t do it because he was so little. But, he had high hopes. So much of life is a matter of perspective. We look at the task, we look at ourselves and we determine that it […]

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surrender 2

I Surrender

I peered out the window as our plane took off leaving Nairobi behind and the treasured experiences of my first mission trip. At just 18 years old, God had captured my heart for taking the gospel to the world and in my journal, I wrote these words to Him… Lord, I will go anywhere in […]

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Happiness 4

From Despair to Delight

What captures your thoughts and steals your affections? What traps your mind and leads you to worry, fear and despair? If you are anything like me, at any moment, you can be bombarded with underlying thoughts like, “You must have the approval of others for your happiness!” or “You need a good reputation for your […]

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Swans A_0

Do you have a Sacred Companion?

I love the picture of swans. They literally journey with each other through life. They mate for life and they go on seasonal migratory journeys together! We each have individual spiritual journeys, but we cannot journey alone. God designed us to journey with each other, to provide safety and care for each other’s souls. Do […]

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Martha_and_ Mary_

Mary and Martha at Christmas

It’s Christmas time. Do you feel the pressure rising? It seems that I begin to feel the stress of the Christmas season as soon as the Thanksgiving dinner dishes are put away. Every Christmas, my desire is to make the season special for my family. I have this idea in my mind that I have […]

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