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Happiness 4

From Despair to Delight

What captures your thoughts and steals your affections? What traps your mind and leads you to worry, fear and despair? If you are anything like me, at any moment, you can be bombarded with underlying thoughts like, “You must have the approval of others for your happiness!” or “You need a good reputation for your […]

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silence 1

Silence is Golden

We have all felt it. The awkward silence. The uncomfortable long pause in a conversation. Some of us can bear it, but most of us blurt something out to fill the void… only to miss an opportunity. What was on her mind? What was she thinking, feeling? What was going on inside of her? She […]

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stop sign 3


When do you stop? There is always something to do, something worthy of your time. Another Bible Study to lead, another meeting to attend, another woman to encourage, another event to organize… Oh and not to mention, another meal to prepare, another child to help with homework, another load of laundry to fold and so […]

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